About Us

Shoebox Sphynx was established in March 2020.

I purchased my first sphynx breeding pair in 2003, Baba and Nut, when I was in high school. We had two litters of kittens and had both parents fixed when I when to college at OSU.


Passed away 2010


Passed away 2014

Ever since owing my first sphynx cats, I have had a great love for the breed!

I have had a pet sphynx in my life ever since then!


aka NaziraAdopted as retired breeding female in 2006Passed away 2013


aka LilithAdopted as retired breeding female 2016Current

I had been contemplating the idea of breeding sphynx again for over 3 years, as purely a hobby and for the love of the breed.

Finally the timing was right and this is when Shoebox Sphynx started.

First was Elfly, aka Nug, elf eared female, purchased in Washington.

Then Bruno and Chloe were imported from Vintage Sphynx, Russia.

We added Nev, sphynx female, purchased January 2021.

Other pets of ours


Doberman X Aussie


Polydactal DSH - rescue
Passed away February 2021


DSH - farm rescue

Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup

Half fainting goat does